This Privacy Policy is applicable for all visitors (“Visitors”) who use the website named (“Web Site”) operated by LUDUS DANIŞMANLIK ANONİM ŞİRKETİ (“Company”) and prepared within the scope of protection of the privacy of the data that can be obtained by the Company during the use of the Web Site by the Visitors.

  1. Cookies are small identification and data storage files that are sent to your electronic devices when you access an online service through your browser and remember that your device has accessed the website or application. Cookies may send these files back to the source website or to another website that recognizes cookies. In these files, information about your Web Site navigation is stored in order to enable you to benefit from some basic features of the Web Site, to remember your data when you use the Web Site again, and to enable you to use the Web Site more effectively and easily. Cookies are kept on computers and devices for a suitable period of time, provided that the legal maximum period is not exceeded.
  2. Only mandatory session cookies are used on the Web Site only in order for the Website to function properly, to be able to visit and benefit from its features, and to improve the Website usage experience of the Visitors and only personal data required for the operation of the Web Site are obtained through these cookies. We would like to state that mandatory cookies cannot be disabled.
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  4. The data shared by the Visitors shall not be used directly or indirectly for the benefit of any third party for any reason whatsoever.
  5. If the data provided to the Company by the Visitor via Web Site is requested by official institutions/organizations as necessitated by the law, the data may be transmitted to the relevant authorities and courts if requested by the courts.
  6. In the event that the Web Site contain links to other internet sites according to the nature of the situation, the Company has no commitment to ensure that the operators of these sites comply with the data protection provisions. The Company is never responsible for the content of the sites to which it links with other methods such as links or the like.
  7. The Company reserves the obligation to keep the Visitor’s data and any confidential information strictly private and confidential, to regard it as an obligation to keep confidentiality and to maintain and maintain confidentiality, to allow all or any part of the Visitor’s information to enter the public domain or unauthorized use, or to take measures to prevent a third person from being involved. In case the company takes necessary information security measures, but the confidential information is damaged as a result of attacks on the system or the third parties are in the hands of the Company, the Company will have no responsibility.
  8. The Company is not responsible for damages caused by the use of information that the Visitor discloses in comments, comments or messages in the open areas in Web Site by third parties.
  9. The Company may at any time update, amend, or revoke the provisions of this Privacy Policy. Any provision that is updated, modified, or removed from power will be effective for the Visitor at the time of publication. If the Visitor continues to use the Company’s services or products after the change has been made, it will mean that the changes have been approved.For more detailed information regarding the Visitors’ data obtained through  the Web Site, please see the Acknowledgement Letter Regarding the Personal Data Protection on the Web Site.